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Adaptation Kit for Omicron SPMs

The Adaptation Kit for Omicron microscopes (AK-OM4) interfaces the Nanonis Controller with most types of Omicron microscopes. The original microscope cables connect directly to the pin-compatible interface, which makes it extremely simple to connect the control system to the microscope. The adaptation kit powers both STM and AFM pre-amplifiers and switches current and bias gains. In the case of beam deflection AFM models, the laser diode is monitored directly by the Nanonis software and the beam-deflection module displays the signals from the photo-detector. Control of inertial motors (x, y, z, mirrors and PSD) for coarse motion as well as automatic approach is seamlessly integrated in the Nanonis software and requires the Nanonis Piezo Motor Driver (PMD4).

Additionally, with the Nanonis OC4 add-on module, any dynamic AFM modes are available for all AFM models with either a regular cantilever, a qPlus sensor or a Needle Sensor.

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