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Nanonis Tramea Quantum Dot Simulator

The quantum dot simulator lets you explore the complete Nanonis Tramea™ measurement system as if it were connected to a real quantum dot. It simulates a typical single top-gate defined quantum dot, and includes the full feature set of the software. Possible measurements include single gate sweeps, left- vs. right-gate sweeps as well as stability diagrams. Lock-in operation allows differential conductance measurements.

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  • Learn the operation of the software without any risk. The simulated quantum dot is inserted between the analog outputs and analog inputs meaning that the software behaves exactly like it would during normal operation.
  • User-adjustable parameters let you understand the effects of increased temperature, noise, or changes in sample parameters on the measured data*
  • Test the functionality of most software modules including Lock-ins (e.g. differential conductance), sweepers, graphs, charts and oscilloscopes
  • Test custom measurement routines: Verify the correct functioning of measurement routines written in the Programming Interface, the scripting module or for the TCP interface without the need of any hardware. No risk of damaged samples due to an incorrect implementation!

*Adjustable parameters: Temperature, charging energy, single-particle level spacing, input noise, output noise, gate scaling parameter, gate coupling

  • Tune the quantum dot by adjusting gate voltages and sweeping left vs. right dot barrier voltages
  • Measure a stability diagram at high speed (image on the left) and see how different parameters in the software affect the measurement
  • Save the measured simulated data and test your data analysis routines with the same data format as used for real measurements

Sweep module with simulated differential conductance through a quantum dot:


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