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Add on modules for Nanonis Tramea

A series of hardware and software add-on modules is offered to extend the functionality of the Nanonis Tramea™ base configuration. Add new capabilities and optimize your measurement system to meet your individual needs. For example, one or two additional TSC increase the number of input and output channels to 16 and 24 resp.

Contact us if you have any requirement for specialized measurement modules, we are happy to discuss and find a solution with you.

  Nanonis Tramea TSC Additional Signal Conversion unit for more outputs and inputs

  • Adds 8 analog outputs and 8 analog inputs
  • Extend your measurement system to 16 or even 24 I/Os
  • Seamless integration with the Tramea™ software
  • Up to 2 TSCs can be added to the Tramea™ base configuration
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  Nanonis Tramea Lock-in modules

  • Modulates any signal up to 40kHz
  • Demodulates any signal up to 100 kHz (r, phi and X, Y)
  • Up to 8 independent lock-ins
  • Up to 8 independent demodulators
  • Advanced signal filtering
  • Record transfer functions (bode plots)
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  Nanonis Tramea High-resolution oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer

  • Acquire time-resolved data with up to 1 MS/s and 1 million points
  • High input resolution (18-bit)
  • Oversampling of up to 1024x for long-term measurements
  • 500’000-point FFT
  • Pre-triggering and continuous data saving

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  Nanonis Tramea LabVIEW Programming Interface

  • Develop and automate new experiments in LabVIEW
  • Programmatically control all Nanonis Tramea™ modules
  • Easily integrate external instruments
  • Many examples ready for use
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  Nanonis Tramea Scripting Module

  • Script your own measurement sequences on the real-time system
  • Real-time execution of scripts for high-speed execution
  • 20 kHz loop-rate
  • Integration with the Programming Interface
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  Nanonis Tramea Function Generator

  • Generate any custom periodic waveform with a frequency of 0.5 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Single-shot operation possible
  • High resolution of generated signal (20-bit)
  • 2 synchronized output channels
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  Nanonis Tramea Generic PI controller

  • Feedback on any signal
  • Response to  any output
  • DC and AC mode
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