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Nanonis Tramea base configuration

The expandable engine for the most demanding quantum transport measurements

The Nanonis Tramea™ base configuration provides all elements required for performing high-speed DC transport measurements: 8 precision, high-speed DC sources, 8 precision analog inputs, and a full-featured software solution for data generation and acquisition. All signal conditioning, FPGA and real-time signal processing are also included in the base configuration, which offers a complete framework that can be adapted and extended with a wide range of add-on modules.

Base configuration: Real-time Controller, Signal Conversion unit and Nanonis software.

Details and Specs: Nanonis Tramea™ Brochure    Details and Specs: Nanonis Tramea™ Brochure (1.6 MB)

  Highlights Concept

  • Up to 1000x faster than conventional measurement solutions
  • Fully integrated digital system: Avoid complex wiring
  • All-in-one solution with user-friendly signal handling
  • Advanced data oversampling methods
  • Integrated safety measures: Avoid damaged samples
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  Highlights signal performance

  • Lower output noise than most dedicated DC sources
  • High-resolution DA conversion: true-20-bit analog outputs, 22-bit with hrDAC
  • High resolution AD-conversion: Up to 22-bit
  • 120 dB dynamic range
  • Lock-ins with over 100 dB dynamic reserve
  • Temperature stabilized for lowest drift            
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  Highlights software

  • Fully asynchronous multi-tasking user interface
  • Software instruments instead of hardware boxes for more performance, flexibility and upgradeability
  • Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, data loggers, charts and graphs
  • Easy customization through various programming options
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