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Nanotechnology Measurement Solutions for Highest Demands

Your solution for quantum transport measurements

Nanonis nanotechnology measurement solutions are designed for the uncompromising demands of scientific excellence.

The Nanonis Tramea™ quantum transport measuement system answers these demands with a revolutionary concept. It offers unprecedented measurement speed combined with outstanding signal quality, an abundance of signals, with a professional and customizable software architecture.

Still using a rack filled with 20th-century technology instruments? Time to move forward!

Want to try it out? Test-drive the Nanonis Tramea software on a virtual quantum dot with the quantum dot simulator

Unbound to any specific microscope, the Nanonis SPM Control System is designed for the uncompromising demands of scientific excellence in a wide variety of SPM applications. Its modular concept implemented in a fully digital fashion is carefully thought through, with a strong emphasis on usability, stability and flexibility.

To test-drive the Nanonis SPM Control System, download our STM Simulator and scan on a virtual Si-111 sample.


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Nanonis Tramea overview Video

Have a look at some of the features of the Nanonis Tramea Software here

Nanonis software upgrade from V4 to V4.5

When we released the new generation of hardware in 2015 it was accompanied by new software that introduced many new features.
In our neverending attempt to provide customers with the best possible software, some of these features are available in V4.5 software which is compatible with V4 hardware. For a small upgrade price customers with older hardware can enjoy many benefits from the newer software release. For more information:

Software upgrade from V4 to V4.5
Software upgrades and updates (technical info)
Software upgrade from V4 to V4.5 (Facebook)
Software upgrade from V4 to V4.5 (Twitter)

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