SPM Control Systems for Highest Demands

Unbound to any specific microscope, the Nanonis SPM Control System is designed for the uncompromising demands of scientific excellence in a wide variety of SPM applications. Its modular concept implemented in a fully digital fashion is carefully thought through, with a strong emphasis on usability, stability and flexibility.
To test-drive the Nanonis SPM Control System, download our STM Simulator and scan on a virtual Si-111 sample.


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Atom Manipulation with Nanonis SPM Controller

Atom manipulation often attracts the interest of researchers, not only for observing artificial patterns on the surface, but also since it allows preparing ideal “samples” on surfaces, designed for a specific measurement.

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Far-Field Fibered Interference Scanning Optical Microscopy (iSOM) - imaging living cells

Complementary method for imaging of biological cells by a fibered high - resolution optical microscope: interferometric Scanning Optical Microscope (iSOM).

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