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Dual-OC4 for multi-frequency AFM

Extend the functionality of your SPM to multiple excitation frequencies.

While a topographical AFM image is usually acquired with the first resonance frequency of the cantilever, a myriad of additional information such as electrical and mechanical properties of the material can be acquired simultaneously by taking advantage of multiple excitation frequencies. With the Nanonis Oscillation Controller it is now easier than ever to extend normal AFM operation to multiple excitation frequencies. Both the OC4.5-Station and the Nanonis SPM Control System can easily be upgraded to Dual OC4. The modularity of such a system allows the user to operate each OC4 as either a Lock-in amplifier or a Phase Lock Loop (PLL), independently or in a synchronous manner. A wealth of new dynamic AFM modes become available with many new SPM applications to explore.

Application Notes:

The Graphical User Interface integrates a second Oscillation Controller Module leaving the user the freedom to operate either OC4 as a lock-in or a PLL within the same unified interface. Additional options for demodulator assignment or dual frequency resonance tracking are automatically included. The input of each device can be the same, to check first and second flexural modes of the cantilever for instance, or completely independent, to compare two different frequencies. Both lock-ins are synchronized with the same OCXO (oven control quartz oscillator) making them perfectly phase-coherent.

  • Independent frequency range from 100 Hz to 5 MHz for both inputs
  • Synchronous OC4s with phase coherent signals
  • Dual frequency resonance tracking mode
  • perfectPLL™ algorithm for both PLL
  • Independent spectrum analyzer (FFT) with continuous display
  • Integrated Kelvin Controller for AM-KPFM (standard with second OC4)
  • Dual frequency resonance tracking mode (requires generic PI controller)
  • Programming Interface in LabVIEW supported for both OC4


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