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Nanonis Virtual STM

The simulator lets you explore the complete SPM Control System as if it were connected to a real scanning tunneling microscope (STM) operating on a Si(111) 7x7 surface. A tutorial and online help will guide you step-by-step to your first image and then let you explore the detailed features of the system.
  • interactive Z Controller with SafeTip options
  • versatile ScanControl with Manipulation and Lithography features. Multiple pass scanning is enabled.
  • advanced Spectroscopy: Z spectroscopy, bias spectroscopy, generic spectroscopy - one point, on line, on grid.
  • digital lock-in detector up to 4 kHz: dI-dV, dI-dV/I-V...
  • atom tracking: advanced 2D lock-in for drift and tilt correction
  • two pulse counters: integrated digital reading up to 40MHz
  • signals monitoring: charts, oscilloscope, FFT, signal history...

   For a first Overview: Simulator Tutorial (1.5 MB)


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