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Adaptation Kits

A range of adaptation kits enable seamless integration of the Nanonis control system with most types of commercial SPMs.  The adaptation kits are pin-compatible with the microscopes of Omicron, UnisokuCreatecJEOLVeecoSPECS, and many others.

Contact us if you do not find your microscopes on the list below.

  Adaptation Kit for SPECS Aarhus SPM family

  • pin-compatible with Aarhus SPM family
  • drives coarse approach motor
  • fully digital control
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  Adaptation Kit for Omicron STM/AFM

  • Pin-compatible with preamplifier and high-voltage cables
  • Powers all STM and AFM preamplifiers
  • runs all STM and AFM microscope models
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  Adaptation Kit for the Veeco MultiMode

  • Pin-compatible with original 37-pin Veeco cable
  • Power supplies for microscope and motor
  • Allow for all kinds of dynamic AFM modes
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  Adaptation Kit for JEOL 4000 series UHV AFM/STM and 5200 series AFM

  • Pin compatible adapation kit
  • Motor drive module for auto-approach and centering
  • NC-AFM atomic resolution capability with OC4

  Adaptation Kit for JEOL 5400 series AFM

  • Pin compatible adapation kit
  • Motor drive module for auto-approach, preamplifier power supply, beam deflection electronics
  • Complete replacement of original electronics
  • NC-AFM atomic resolution capability with OC4

  Adaptation Kit for Unisoku Microscopes

  • preamp adapter for tunneling current
  • individual cable kit for coarse positioners
  • full control of approach

  Adaptation Kit for Createc Microscopes

  • Connector for the original Createc cables
  • Digital control of FEMTO preamplifier
  • Readout of Createc HVAmp gains

  Adaptation Kit for Beetle-type SPM heads

  • pin-compatible cables for Createc STM/AFM and RHK STM
  • digitally controlled translation/rotation selection
  • handset operation possible

  Other available adaptation Kits to Nanonis control system
PNI, MI, PSI Autoprobe, Shimadzu
Contact us to find out what it takes to run your microscope with a Nanonis control system.


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